Water-cooled frequency conversion speed regulating device one

Overview:High power water cooled frequency conversion speed regulating device, capacity range from 7000KVA-40MVA, adopts modular power unit design. Water cooled power unit, high power density, easy maintenance and installation. Suitable for LNG, wind tunnel, long distance pipeline, chemical industry, metallurgy, power generation, cement and other fields.
  • Product introduction
  • Technical parameter
  • Product specification
  • Water-cooled frequency conversion speed regulating device (hereinafter referred to as frequency converter) adopts unique soft charging technology to precharge the power unit capacitor in the frequency converter by controlling the power supply and effectively eliminate the excitation inrush current. Does not affect the upper high voltage switchgear, does not affect the power unit in the DC capacitance, prolong the service life and reliability of the capacitor.

  • projectParameter selection
    inputInput voltage3、3.3、6、6.6、10KV(*)
    Allowable voltage fluctuation rangeOperating at full load, voltage fluctuation ±10%
    Frequency range50Hz±10%
    Input current harmonics≤3%, in line with IEEE519-1992 and GB/T14549-93 standards
    outputOutput voltage range3、3.3、6、6.6、10KV(*)
    Maximum output capacity30000KVA
    Machine efficiency power factorForced air cooling ≥0.965, water cooling frequency conversion ≥0.98
    Output frequency range0-50Hz(*)
  • Double waterway parallel design

    Reasonable waterway direction

    High voltage power devices are used

    Water connector on line plug



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